Fees on Mereka Connect

Fees on Mereka Connect

Written by Eu-Gene Teo
Last update: Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

Learn more about our fee breakdown, including the Service fee and Mereka fee.

Mereka Connect upholds the value of transparency when it comes to financial matters. This is why it is our priority to provide ultimate clarity on all the fees and charges collected from both our Hubs and users.


In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions regarding the Service fee and Mereka fee.


Service fee

As Mereka Connect uses Stripe as our payment gateway, the Service fee is necessary to ensure secure payment processing. To learn more about what Stripe is and why we use it, read this.

Our Service fee consists of the following component:

  • Stripe fee: 3% + RM1.00 per successful card charge or successful bank transaction. Please note that this calculation is only applicable to Malaysia. There is an additional fee of 2% for currency conversion. In addition, starting 15 October 2023, the Stripe fee for any overseas transactions would constitute 3% + RM1.00 + 1%. Click here for more details.

The Service fee bearer is flexible on Mereka Connect. By default, the Service fee is borne by users but it is possible for a Hub to absorb it should they wish.

The final charge amount is automatically calculated on the booking widget and is visible to any user who intends to perform a booking on Mereka Connect.

Please refer to this page if you'd like to understand better how the Service fee is calculated. You may also refer to the following example:

A Hub may choose to absorb the Service fee. This is possible via the Experience form after you have set the price for your services. 

If the Service fee is absorbed by the Hub, users would only pay the original booking fee. The charges borne by the Hub would be based on the calculation below. Please note that if your Hub is on the free Connect subscription plan, an additional Mereka fee would apply.

Mereka fee

The Mereka fee is collected in order to help us maintain the platform and improve its functionality. 

All Hubs staying on the Connect plan (free of charge subscription) bear the Mereka fee which constitutes 3.5% per transaction

This fee would be added on top of the Service fee should you opt for absorbing it.

Those Hubs who subscribe to our paid plans do not bear the Mereka fee, i.e. should they opt out of absorbing the Service fee their net profit would be 100% from the original booking fee. Based on the examples above, any Hub staying on the Scale or Soar plan would receive RM10 as their net profit. To explore our subscription options, please visit this page

If you require any further information or assistance regarding our fee structure and subscription plans, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected].

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