What is Stripe and how does Mereka Connect utilize its features?

What is Stripe and how does Mereka Connect utilize its features?

Written by Eu-Gene Teo
Last update: Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

Getting acquainted with our payment gateway and its functionality.

A quick overview

As you might already know, Mereka Connect is a booking platform for a wide range of services. This primary feature, as a consequence, requires an integration with a reliable tool which would ensure smooth and secure transactions within our digital environment.

Mereka Connect utilizes Stripe as such a tool for the majority of in-platform financial activities. Stripe is essentially a payment gateway which is widely used by various industry players, from online retailers and marketplaces to SaaS and subscription-based businesses. If you’d like to learn more about Stripe, please visit their website.

How is Stripe functionality integrated with Mereka Connect?

Stripe facilitates the booking process for users when they confirm their booking and pay for a service of their choice. All payments are performed within the Mereka Connect platform for users’ convenience and security, as they are not prompted to finalize their transaction on a third-party webpage. This is one of the features which makes Stripe stand out from other financial tools.

Stripe features are also utilized for the creation of Hubs’ custom accounts which enable safe and effective funds management. To learn more about how you can control your billings and transactions as a Hub, read this.

Are there any fees associated with Stripe?

Yes, there is a Service fee charged by Stripe per every booking performed on Mereka Connect. Please get acquainted with our platform's detailed fees breakdown by following this link.

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