How do Hubs get paid on Mereka Connect?

How do Hubs get paid on Mereka Connect?

Written by Eu-Gene Teo
Last update: Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

Learn how to handle your payments and withdrawals via our platform.

Once you have verified your identity with Stripe and added all your relevant banking details, you’re ready to get paid for your bookings!

Where can I manage my Hub’s transactions?

To access your Hub’s finances, you may click the “Total Sales” widget on the Hub dashboard.

Alternatively, you may click your user icon in the top right corner of the screen and navigate to “Settings” → “Finances” → “Transactions”.

How does the payment process work?

Once a user has booked your service on Mereka Connect and has made the payment, the transaction gets processed by Stripe. Each individual transaction would be reflected in the “Money Movement” section of the “Transactions” tab.

By clicking an individual transaction’s title, you would be redirected to the respective Transaction Details page with a thorough breakdown of the payment’s components.

The funds are released to your Hub account 1 day after the service has been performed. Until then, the money is held in escrow, and would be reflected in yellow on your Hub dashboard.

What does the “In Escrow” and "Available Soon" status mean?

Your funds are held "In Escrow" until 1 day after the Experience date (so if your Experience occurs on the 13th, your funds will be held In Escrow until the 14th). This is a Guarantee Period which has been implemented for the benefit of both Hubs and Users in the event of disputes.

Once the "In Escrow" period is over, your funds will be shifted either to "Available Soon" or "Available for Withdrawal".

In "Available Soon", your funds can take up to 5 working days max after the Experience ends to be ready for withdrawal. How soon within those 5 days is dependent upon when the payment was made by the user. [For example, if a user made a payment 3 working days before the Experience, that particular payment will be available for withdrawal 2 working days after the Experience ends (net 5 working days), and if a user makes a payment on the day of the Experience, that payment will be available for withdrawal 5 working days after the Experience ends].

To view the breakdown of all transactions which are currently "In Escrow", simply navigate to the “In Escrow” tab of the “Money Movement” table.

How do I navigate through my sales?

The “Sales” section of the “Money Movement” table provides a general overview of all payments made for your Hub’s services, displayed from newest to oldest. You have an option to filter the transactions according to your preference by clicking the filter icon in the right-hand corner of the table.


There are two major figures for each transaction:

  • Charge Amount = booking fee – Service fee (if borne by the user)*

  • Net Amount = Charge Amount – Mereka fee. This is the total amount your Hub receives after all fees and charges have been deducted.

*Please note that if you choose to absorb the Service fee, it will be shown under your Net Amount instead. To learn more about the fees on Mereka Connect, please click here.

In case a transaction hasn’t been successful, its status would be shown as “Failed” in red. In the event of a refund, the transaction’s status would be reflected as “Refunded” in gray.

What happens if a user uses a coupon?

You can always see an overview of coupon usage at the very top of the "Transactions" page in your Hub dashboard. There is also a dedicated section for coupons in the “Money Movement” table on the "Transactions'' page. Here you may review all transactions that utilized coupons, along with their value.

It is only possible to claim the value of Mereka Coupons, as the value of Hub Coupons is always absorbed by the Hub. There is no action required from the Hub to claim the Mereka Coupon value. The respective amount would be transferred to your account in bulk with other pending proceeds after the Guarantee Period and would be reflected in the "Sales" tab accordingly. To learn more about the types of coupons available on Mereka Connect, read this.

How to withdraw my funds from the Mereka Connect Hub account to my bank account?

You may withdraw the entire amount displayed under the “Available for Withdrawal” status to the bank account linked to your Hub account. To set up your preferred bank account, please read this.

To initiate the withdrawal process, simply click the “Withdraw Balance” button. You would be redirected to the next page where you must select which Payment method you would like to withdraw from (FPX or Card), type in your preferred withdrawal amount, indicate the primary account and fill in the “Reference” section. Once you have reviewed all the details, click “Withdraw Balance” once again.

How can I check the status of my withdrawal, and will the money reach my account right away?

You may always check the status of your withdrawal in the “Hub Transaction” tab of the “Money Movement” section.

The amount in green would refer to the sum available for withdrawal but not yet transferred to your bank account. The amount in red would have the “In transit” status underneath which means that you have initiated the withdrawal process, and the money is on the way to your bank account. If there is a “Failed” status under the respective amount, please contact your bank or a member of our team to clarify the issue.

As a general rule, it takes Stripe between 5-10 business days to process your withdrawal. This period can decrease to 1-3 business days if you perform repeated withdrawals via Mereka Connect. This happens due to Stripe taking a shorter time to verify your bank account with each repeated transaction. The “Estimated Arrival” column of the “Hub Transaction” section would give you more precise information on when the funds are expected to reach your bank account.

If you ever experience an issue with your payment or withdrawal, please contact our team immediately via [email protected].

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