What is an Experience?

What is an Experience?

Written by Eu-Gene Teo
Last update: Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

Art workshop? Minting party? Cooking class? Explore this article to understand how we define Mereka Connect Experiences.

A quick overview

Experiences are one of the core services that Mereka Connect offers - and if we may say so ourselves, one of the most exciting! In a nutshell, an Experience is a unique activity hosted by one of our Hubs that brings invaluable knowledge and skills to keen users. 

For Hubs and hosts

Experiences allow you to disseminate your knowledge and resources in a manner that is both engaging and scalable. We believe that absolutely any Hub has something to offer to our users! 

For instance:

  • Are you a food enthusiast who is passionate about all things delicious?

  • Do you love teaching people the craft of woodworking?

  • Are you experienced in web development?

  • Does the historical topic of ancient civilizations excite you?

  • Are you a pro in managing a business?

  • Do you have extensive knowledge on a very niche subject matter?

Then we welcome you to share your expertise on Mereka Connect! Hubs are the ideal place to transfer knowledge and inspire users, and Mereka Connect is equipped with a host of features to ensure your Experience is a success.

If you’re ready to list your first Experience, please read these guidelines.

For Users 

Mereka Connect Experiences are diverse, meeting the demands and interests of a wide range of users from students striving to grasp the basics of data analysis to amateur woodworkers interested in finetuning their craft. To explore all currently available Experiences, you can visit this page.

By partaking in an Experience, you're guaranteed to absorb and retain your newfound knowledge and skills. In particular, Mereka Connect emphasizes the power of both collaborative and experiential learning (hands-on learning, or learning by doing).  

On top of this, all Experiences are designed and conducted by qualified hosts such as academics, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, scientists… the list goes on and on! Their expertise is precisely what makes each and every Experience both unique and insightful. And as a final layer of verification, all Experiences are reviewed by Mereka Connect to ensure they meet our quality standards. 

So, whether you’re a craftsman, entrepreneur, university student, industry leader, parent or retired senior, we welcome you to be a lifelong learner and changemaker through Mereka Connect Experiences! To learn more about the Experience booking process on our platform, read this

Experience modes

Experiences may be conducted in one of two modes - physically or online

Physical Experiences take place in one of our verified Hubs and require on-site presence from both users and hosts. This mode is perfect for activities which require more interactive and hands-on engagement. Examples include an art workshop or a music concert. 

Online Experiences, on the other hand, may be delivered from anywhere across the globe – all you need is a computer and stable Internet connection! By harnessing the power of digital connectedness, online Experiences effectively bridge the gap in accessibility to knowledge, skills and expertise. Examples include a data science webinar or online lecture on slow fashion.

Experience types

There are 6 types of Experiences that you can host and attend via Mereka Connect.

  • Workshop a themed Experience often involving group interaction and characterized by a hands-on approach. Examples include a clay workshop or a watercolor workshop.

  • Talk – an Experience offering an expert's insight into a particular subject. Examples include an online lecture about ancient Greek philosophers or a webinar on entrepreneurial mindset. 

  • Event - a one-off themed occasion. Examples include a minting party or a grand launch.

  • Show & Exhibition - an Experience which may involve a range of events, e.g. performances or art exhibitions. Examples include a music concert or a photography exhibition.

  • Course (coming soon)  – a series of classes united by a specific educational topic and learning objectives, and often organized into modules. Examples include a 4-week graphic design course consisting of 8 one-hour classes, or a 6-month contemporary dance course.

  • Program (coming soon)  – a comprehensive Experience involving talks, workshops, mentorship, networking opportunities, pitches and funding. Examples include a 3-month program dedicated to civic engagement, with each month covering an overarching topic that is then broken down into weekly webinars and workshops.

If you are ready to book an Experience and expand your horizons, visit our Experiences page now and browse our extensive selection. The world's your oyster!

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